New Registration System for the East County Food Pantry

Beginning on March 4, 2023, we are requiring all food pantry recipients to register with us through the link2feed system.

This new registration system will help speed up the intake process and reduce paperwork.  It will also help us to better serve our communities by gaining a better understanding of people’s experiences and backgrounds so that we can improve our programs and advocate for more resources to benefit our neighbors. 

You will only need to provide your information once and then you can use your link2feed number at any Oregon Food Bank partner agency that also uses the Link2Feed system. If you have any questions or need help filling out this form, please ask a staff person or volunteer onsite. We are happy to help.

You have four options for how you can make sure that you are registered with us:

1) You can tell one of our registrars at our food panty that you are already on link2feed through another pantry in the Oregon Food Bank and that your information has been updated in the last 6 months.

2)  You can sit down with one of our registrars at the food pantry and have them fill out the form on your behalf.

3)  You can fill out a paper form and then give the paper copy to one of our registrars at the food pantry. (See attached in English and Spanish and Ukrainian)

(paper copies of various languages will be available at the food pantry during the months of February and March)

4)  You can fill out the online registration form at any time with your own computer or smartphone at the following link –

If you are a regular recipient of the East County Food Pantry, we ask that you please pre-register before March 4 so that we are not overwhelmed on the first day of this new system.

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