East County Food Pantry volunteers receive the Bonita Jenkins Outstanding Volunteer Award

Volunteers Honored!

Our food pantry was selected to receive the Bonita Jenkins Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award for contributions to the Fairview community in 2022. This award is given to groups who have demonstrated exceptional service and volunteerism by helping the city with a special project or on-going activity; demonstrated exemplary leadership, creativity, cooperation, and hard work in their service to the city; and their service has made a significant contribution to the community of Fairview. 

The East County Food Pantry Volunteers were honored with the Bonita Jenkins Outstanding Volunteers award by the Fairview City Council for their hard work and many hours feeding families through the East County Food Pantry each week.

The East County Food Pantry averages between 240-260 households per week providing food. 

The award was given on Thursday, April 20th, 2023 at a special event held in the the Fairview Food Plaza – THE FORK Food Truck gathering building by the big fork in Fairview.

Every food truck contributed to the wonderful buffet dinner. 

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