If You Are In Need We Have A Ton of Food for You!

If You Are In Need We Have A Ton of Food for You!

That’s right!  Literally a ton. We have over 2,000 pounds of food at the East County Food Pantry at Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church, located at 2420 NE Fairview Ave, Fairview, OR.

Our food pantry is open from 11:00am to 12:30 pm every Saturday.

If you want to pick your own food, you can do that here.

Registration for “Your Food, Your Choice” begins at 10:30am with refreshments as well. Please don’t come before 10:15am.

We have a drive-thru with pre-packaged groceries if you would prefer. 

It takes several volunteers to bring this food pantry where everything is free to you. We could use your help. To volunteer just go to the link below and sign up.


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