Going Green!

We like to be green. If you are in need of food, we have some nice green reusable bags in which we are distributing our groceries in this Saturday at the East County Food Pantry! Fresh fruits and vegetables, dry goods, bread, and frozen meat. Save the bag to use again for when we transition to a shopping style of food pantry starting on March 4th.

This Saturday, Feb 18 and next Saturday, Feb 25 will be our regular drive-thru in our parking lot. And, then we will make the big transition in March. If possible, it would help us in the transition if you could take some time to register your household on line at https://forms.gle/VC2Tczp6sdi8J5TU6

The East County Food Pantry at the Smith Memorial Presbyterian Church will be open this Saturday, February 18. Our hours are 11:00am to noon.

We are located at:

2420 NE Fairview Avenue

Fairview, OR 97024

We could always use some extra help. To find out more about volunteering or to sign up, go to this link:


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